Paper Roll Solutions for A Wide Range of Industries

We provided product solutions for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other businesses spanning over 20 industries.

retail and shopping

Retail and Grocery

Printing receipts 24/7 requires enough supply of paper rolls in your stores. Casper Paper Groups got you covered. Our thermal paper rolls are crafted to the strictest industry standards, trusted by big companies like Walmart, Carrefour, and 7-Eleven down to small local stores.

Most receipts fade away immediately once customers keep them in their pockets. But not with our rolls. They last longer than standard ones. Print fonts that you can scan via barcode readers and portable scanners. Offer a seamless checkout that customers will remember.

  • Get crisp, precise printouts without sacrificing durability. Our fade-resistant paper rolls produce sharper text than traditional alternatives.
  • Request customizable weight labels and print out important commodity information like names, units of measurement, and expiration dates.
  • Enjoy competitive prices in bulk orders, and we will arrange shipments globally.

The products involved:

  • Thermal paper roll
  • Thermal label roll
  • Custom printed receipt paper
Restaurant and Hospitality

Restaurants and Hospitality

The restaurant and hospitality industries rely on POS systems and thermal and label paper rolls, and we take it a step further. With top-notch quality at surprisingly affordable prices, you’ll never have to worry about your printing needs. Ensure the smooth running of your systems with no hiccups.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with fast order processing and shipping arrangements. Rest assured that you can replenish your stocks quickly. Our product range includes rolls of various sizes to suit electronic cash registers or POS systems. With plenty of options, select the most suitable size for your system.

  • Manufactured with the utmost care using only top-tier raw materials. Our commitment to quality guarantees that each roll produces clear information.
  • Add detailed specifications on your items with our premium self-adhesive labels that are useful for food packaging to cartons and containers.
  • We use eco-friendly materials with minimal environmental impact, making us an excellent option for businesses looking to take their sustainability efforts to the next level.

The products involved:

  • Thermal paper roll
  • Thermal label roll
paper rolls for banks

Banking and Finance

Our rolls are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology that eliminates ghost spots, increases print quality, and extends the product’s life. This gives you consistent quality printing throughout its lifespan and ensures your customers never miss an important detail from their receipt.

Our experienced team has been crafting top-notch thermal paper products for two decades to exceed any client’s needs. From ATM paper rolls to continuous business forms — whatever you require, we guarantee a tailored solution that meets all your specifications.

  • Get the best performance with our thermal paper products, crafted from premium-grade organic solvents to ensure crispness and vibrancy. Choose your perfect hue in a wide selection of colors.
  • Enjoy unlimited customization and easily create your design for each type of form. Request to personalize text fields or logos to fit your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Get more bang for your buck with super savings on quality products. Our competitive prices give you the best deal around – no stretching necessary.

The products involved:

  • Thermal paper roll
  • ATM paper roll
  • Computer paper forms

Logistics and Warehouse Management

Logistics and warehouse operations require precision-level accuracy to run smoothly. That’s why we produce thermal paper rolls specifically tailored for this purpose. Our deep black and blue inks print and capture the exact information needed every time.

All products have a long shelf life and can withstand constant handling without fading or deteriorating quickly. Products in warehouses are accurately tracked and managed, and you save time and money by not having to reprint labels as frequently.

  • Get the ultimate performance when you feed our rolls into your printer. Our thermal paper provides exceptional reliability, delivering accurate output. It’s perfect for tracking inventory and streamlining orders.
  • Print labels and receipts in different sizes, no matter what type of warehouse system you use.
  • Designed to be resistant to moisture and temperature changes, making them ideal for the challenges of warehouse environments.

The products involved:

  • Thermal label roll
  • Thermal paper roll

Gas and Petrol Stations

Our thermal paper rolls are specially designed for high-speed credit card and debit card transactions, delivering limpid texts on every print. With superior moisture resistance, our paper rolls can stand against extreme temperatures and humidity.

Find the ideal fit for your thermal printing needs with our expansive selection of quality paper sizes and widths. Achieve high-definition, legible prints – perfect from short bursts to long storage periods. Each roll is individually packaged in an airtight sleeve to ensure maximum shelf life.

  • Our advanced topcoat formula allows businesses to enjoy a longer printhead life. Paper rolls produce crisp black images even after prolonged storage.
  • Each roll is fitted with a special spindle hole for quick and easy installation into compatible POS systems.
  • Take advantage of our unbeatable prices. Stock up on large quantities to ensure you’re always ready to print receipts.

The products involved:

  • Thermal paper roll
  • Custom printed paper

Healthcare and Medical

Medical practitioners rely on accurate diagnostic equipment, and we are here to deliver. We provide hospitals and clinics with premium quality ECG paper and ultrasound thermal paper for an affordable solution. Make sure your healthcare business has the reliable resources it needs — anytime.

Get accurate diagnostic results in a flash with ECG and ultrasound thermal paper. Our top-grade paper rolls with excellent chemical coating can feed through your machines. Your medical staff can get the desired results printed with sharp and on-point graphs, texts, and images.

  • All our papers come pre-tested to guarantee they meet industry standards and can last up to 7 years.
  • Papers have specialized coating that prevents premature fading, smearing or discoloration.
  • Preserve important details if it needs to be accessed later or for future reference.

The products involved:

  • ECG paper
  • Ultrasound thermal paper

Gaming, Lottery and Casino

Thermal paper rolls are a vital component in the casino industry, where paper-based transactions and documentation are still widely used. Casinos use thermal paper rolls for printing a wide range of materials such as gaming tickets, receipts, vouchers, and other important documents. Request a specific size that matches your POS system specifications. Make sure your supply lasts in a roomful of players in a gaming and casino room where you print receipts 24/7.

We also offer custom-made papers that allow you to showcase your logo. Build your brand identity for every printed receipt. You can select various designs and sizes that best fit your needs and budget.

  • We offer a quick turnaround time on all orders with our efficient production system and extensive network of shipping partners. All products are tested for compliance before being sent out for delivery.
  • All thermal paper rolls come with superior printing capabilities that guarantee crisp image quality every time, no matter how many impressions have been made on the roll.

The products involved:

  • Thermal paper roll
  • Thermal ticket paper
  • Custom printed paper

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